Take a look at the World Water Atlas

World Water Atlas

“Demonstrating that what must be done, can be done”

A platform where countries share practical examples and lessons learned to tackle water-related disasters and transform them into solutions. That is the goal of the World Water Atlas, an initiative of the Dutch Water Envoy, Henk Ovink.

The World Water Atlas provides local, national and international decision makers, government authorities, private bodies and people worldwide with tools to tackle water issues. The atlas collects, links and disseminates knowledge, data, best practices and inspiring local initiatives.

The World Water Atlas was set up by Deltares, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the IABR. The Atlas is also part of the action plan of the UN/World Bank High Level Panel on Water.

The city of Brisbane reduced its per capita water consumption during the Millennium Drought from 300 to 127 litres.

Understanding water

“The World Water Atlas is part of our global campaign to enhance the understanding and awareness of global water issues. For everyone: children, researchers, business people and administrators. Understanding water and all its dependencies helps to form an integral appreciation of water, and to manage it inclusively and sustainably. Water is the lever for sustainable development.

“With the World Water Atlas, we show how the complex but fantastic relationships with water work towards all sustainability goals. With all those different interests, with the climate, health, food security, safety, equality and urbanisation. In this way, we demonstrate that what must be done, can be done. To achieve a truly better world for everyone.”

Henk Ovink, Water Envoy

Ignoring sea level rise could cause as much as 50 billion dollars in damage worldwide every year.